“Flupresje” [fluh-press-yeah] (2019) is a fixed-media piece based on recordings of a variety of flutes. The main idea is to give the sounds a new and unique meaning through a series of transformations. Granular synthesis and re-synthesis of sound has an important role in that process. Musical motives were generated both algorithmically, as well as with the use of a touchscreen interface. The acoustic space of the piece is realized in the Ambisonic system. Flute sounds were recorded by Renata Guzik.

The piece was awarded honorable mention in 2nd all-Poland Józef Patkowski Composition Competition in Kraków, Poland (2019). It was realized with the support from DXARTS.

Originally presented in a 4-channel “quad” speaker system. Stereo version:

download Flupresje.mp3